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Internal Water Management System

Interior Waterproofing -Dimple Membrane

When your foundation is leaking, and you want to control the moisture from the interior of the foundation, we recommend a dimpled membrane system. The dimpled membrane will provide a void for water that enters the foundation's walls to flow into the interior weeping tile system. This will direct the water to flow into the sump pit, and then the sump pump carries the water away from your home.
Dimple membranes are engineered to withstand a force of roughly 5500 pounds per square foot. This allows us to brace the wall after the membrane is installed to the engineers' specifications, but only if the wall has enough inward movement to justify reinforcement. 

After the dimple membrane is installed and the braces, if necessary, we can then replace the concrete and the seal edges of the dimple membrane to keep moisture behind it. This allows the homeowner to take the next steps of insulating and then framing and finishing the basement without worrying about moisture damage.

Exterior waterproofing is always the best method, but interior waterproofing may be more suitable in some situations. Whether you need to reinforce the foundation walls or obstructions around the exterior of the foundation would be too costly to remove and replace. Whatever the case may be, contact the team of professionals at Rigid Foundation Repair, and we will help you make the best decision that best suits your project and budget.