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Wall Bracing Services

Foundation Reinforcing -Wall Bracing

When the inward migration of a poured concrete foundation occurs, reinforcement bracing is the solution for stopping the wall from further movement. A wall can be forced inward in two ways. One possibility is that the wall will crack and press inward in that location. The second is if the link at the top of the wall breaks loose, known as the sill plate.
In both cases, we would come out and provide an estimate for the work that needs to be completed. If you decide to go ahead with it, we'll set you up with an engineer to write a report and double-check that our initial inspection was correct. We can now apply for a city permit once we obtain the report. Once approved, our crew installs the braces according to the engineers' specifications, chipping and patching any exposed cracks. The city inspector then comes in and checks off on the work, allowing the client to complete the basement if they so desire.

This documentation (engineering report, contractor invoice, city permit) aids in the property's sales. This repair strengthens the foundation and should be displayed throughout the sale. Contact Rigid Foundation Repair for all your foundation reinforcement needs!