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Window Well Installation

Window Wells

Window wells are an essential part of a finished basement. They are a necessary project that will help you turn your basement into a functional living space. Since most basements are entirely underground, installing a window well together with the window is essential. Window wells support the dug-out ground around the window and prevent dirt from collapsing. Window wells also allow the window to provide proper ventilation to the basement.
Our window well installation process is quick and efficient. We begin by taking the window's measurements and determining the size of the window well needed. We will then dig a hole for the window well; we follow strict safety standards to ensure we don't dig into any utility lines in the process. Next, we create a drain in the hole so water doesn't accumulate in the space for the window well. We can then place the window well in the hole and secure it to your home. Once it is secured, we can fill the window well with a layer of gravel topped with a layer of dirt to fill any spaces or holes. 
We can also install window well covers. These covers protect the window well and prevent snow, debris and leaves from piling up in your window well. They can also help to ensure the area stays dry. If you need a window well, give Rigid Foundation Repair a call!

Window Well Installation