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Concrete Pony Walls/Knee Walls

Engineered Knee Walls Regina

When a brick, block or concrete foundation shows signs of sinking or inward movement, the engineer recommended fix is to install a concrete pony wall, sometimes called a knee wall, for added support.

To do this, we use the same technique for the bracing process. We install a 5” c channel or 4” I beam every 4’ o.c. and 4’ from the corners. We then drill holes through the channels to run rebar horizontally and upright between the channels. Next, we install the forms for pouring a concrete wall within the existing wall (sometimes this is done outside instead), usually 6” past grade. The engineer might recommend a full-height pony/knee wall in some instances.

The city will inspect all stages of this work as per the permit. If the floor is not in the best shape, the engineer will sometimes recommend extending the footing. The reason for this is so the floor can accommodate the weight of the new concrete pony/knee wall being installed.

If the water penetration is also a problem on this wall, we can install an internal water management system. By installing a dimpled membrane between the pony walls and the existing foundation, the water will then flow into an internal weeping tile system, into a sump pit and is then pumped away from the house.

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Knee wall supporting basement