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Grading Services We Provide

In southern Saskatchewan, there is a common problem of the "gumbo" soil expanding and pushing in foundation walls. This is because our clay-based soil expands and retains moisture. Proper grading that leads the water away from your home's foundation is key to maintaining a dry basement and a solid foundation. Regina House Leveling offers professional grading services to homeowners who need an efficient solution to water accumulation around their foundations.

How Is Site Grading Performed?

Site grading is a technique used to adjust the slope of an area around the foundation. Professional engineers usually inspect the site to determine how much grading is needed to achieve a level base. Soil composition and moisture levels are considered to assess the project's scope. If site grading is required, engineers usually ask for native or yellow clay to be put in place around the foundation's perimeter at a minimum slope of 5%. After this is complete, we use a tamper or a jumping jack to compact the material properly.
What Is This Process Used For?

In addition to levelling out the ground to provide a sturdy base for foundations, site grading is also used to direct the flow of runoff water away from the foundation. When sites aren't appropriately engineered, it can cause problems to a home's foundation and the surrounding area. Issues like erosion, foundation damage, and basement flooding can occur when properties aren't graded to ensure proper drainage.

Why Does This Need To Be Done?

Over the years, the ground around your home will shift and settle. The slope around your home may change in a way that allows water to pool next to the foundation, causing inward movement of foundation walls, footings setting, and water damage. Site grading is essential to prevent these issues. 

Why Hire Regina House Leveling for Grading Services?

We have been in the industry for many years and have undertaken various challenging projects. There are many reasons why you should trust Regina House Leveling with your grading project:
● We have a team of experts who are well qualified to understand the topography of every site before undertaking the job.● By hiring us, you have access to our services and the expert advice our team can provide.● After studying the area and receiving the requirements, we offer comprehensive estimates to our clients.● We price our services competitively. 
Site grading services are performed because the customer has issues with drainage around their home's foundation. This process can be time-consuming, but the accuracy of the process will contribute to the strength of the foundation for years to come.