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Foundation Crack Repairs

Repair Cracked Foundations

Cracks in the foundation of your home usually occur because of the expansion and contraction of soil or clay around the foundation. Also in the second paragraph change polyurethane foam to polyurethane caulking. Regina is one of the worst zones for radon gas and patching these cracks can reduce the amount entering your home. Cracks will usually appear in the foundation on the wall or walls that are least able to withstand the stress. Sometimes foundation cracks will close when soil conditions change, but it can lead to more severe issues with your foundation if it is not fixed. Rigid Foundation Repair can help you determine the best solution to fix cracks in your foundation depending on the size, shape, location, and direction of the crack.  There are many methods of foundation crack repair. At Rigid Foundation Repair, we repair foundation crack using low-pressure injection of epoxy or polyurethane foam. The process is quick and efficient and can usually be completed for smaller jobs in as little as an hour. We use industry-leading products to repair foundation cracks. Our expert team has been repairing cracks in foundations for decades. We specialize in keeping homes in southern Saskatchewan dry and valuable! 
Over time, foundation damage will continue to get worse. These cracks can develop into severe structural problems and become expensive to repair. If you have noticed cracks in your home's foundation, call Rigid Foundation Repair, and we can address the problem early to save you time and money.

Crack in Foundation