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Cabin and Trailer Levelling Services

Cabin & Trailer Levelling

When levelling a cabin or a trailer, there can be various solutions. We begin with an inspection, one of our team members will come out to evaluate the issues and the style of footings.

Many cabins and trailers sit on cribbing made of wooden timbers. For these, we check to see what condition the existing cribbings are in to determine if they need to be replaced. We will survey the elevations and temporarily support and lift to the desired elevation. We then shim to ensure the structure is sitting on a solid foundation.

In other instances, a cabin or trailer may be sitting on a spread footing that has settled. Sometimes in this situation, we will lift the structure and shim on top of the footing. This is an excellent practical fix because the structure can be lifted, and the shims can be adjusted as more shifting occurs. For a more permanent solution, we can lift the structure and install concrete-grade beams and piles to support it. Both are great options to level settled cabins or trailers.