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Weeping Tile Installation


Weeping tiles are drainage systems that consist of porous 4-inch pipes used to discharge underground water away from your foundation. A weeping tile system collects excess water and prevents water pressure from building up against the concrete foundation wall. Weeping tiles are commonly used for water drainage around basement foundations as a part of waterproofing. To install a weeping tile system, we first dig a trench around your home's foundation to expose the walls. We then seal the outside of the walls with a waterproof compound or a plastic barrier to prevent water from entering your home. The weeping tile installation begins around the base of your home's foundation, where the walls meet the footers. Once the weeping tiles are in place, the trench is covered with gravel. The gravel allows water to drain more quickly and prevents clay in the soil from clogging up the weeping tile system. The gravel will also drastically reduce how much the soil expands. Weeping tiles carry the water away from your home, which will create a stable environment in and around your foundation. Weeping tile systems can be affected by foundation shifting, basement floor heaving, sewer backup and shrinking and swelling soil. The experts at Rigid Foundation Repair are here to advise you on the best option for your home. 

Weeping Tile