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Telepost Adjustment Services

Telepost Adjustment Services Regina

Adjusting the teleposts in homes in Regina and the surrounding areas is a common service we provide. We provide telepost adjustment services anywhere from 600 to 800 homes & properties a year. The three most telltale signs that you need a telepost adjustment are uneven floors, cracking in drywall and doors not shutting correctly. If you've noticed any of these things in your home, give Regina House Leveling a call today! One of our team members will provide you with a free quote on our telepost adjustment services.
What Are Telepost Adjustments?
A telepost adjustment is a process of turning the bolt inside the nut of the telepost so it is able to support the load of the floor above it. Homeowners should never attempt telepost adjustments themselves. If done wrong, it can quickly take a situation from bad to worse. Whether your home needs a minor adjustment or a major one, our professionals have the experience to do it right the first time.

Telepost support in basement
Telepost support in basement

How Regina House Leveling Can Help?

Teleposts need to be adjusted by professionals. If not done correctly, adjusting teleposts can cause severe damage to your home. The process needs to be performed gradually but accurately by an expert. We follow an efficient process to ensure the job is done correctly.

● We will schedule a free estimate to determine if telepost adjustments are suitable.
● We check to see if the partition wall has floated to accommodate the movements in the upper level.
● We schedule an appointment if we find telelpost adjustments are necessary.
● We use a laser level to measure specific locations and make an elevation graph.
● We do the calculations and change the measurements into the number of turns.
● Then we do our first increment of adjusting on each post
● We usually return every 10 to 14 days until the adjustments are completed.

Benefits of Telepost Adjustments

The best benefit of telepost adjustment is that it will provide permanence to a structure and make it level again. Some other great benefits are things like:

● Your floor will be optimized for maximum use of space
● Squeaks will usually go away or lessen
● Cracks in drywall can come back together and be fixed
● Minimize the feeling of uneven floors
● Your doors will close better
● Relieve the stress on the rafters and roof

Why Choose Regina House Leveling for Telepost Adjustments?

The answer is simple! We have years of experience, and no one knows Regina and Regina gumbo (clay soil) better than we do! We understand the soil and environmental factors that lead to soil shifting, so we can do the job right the first time!
● Our team of professionals has over 80 years of combined experience with telepost adjustments.●We know the Regina gumbo, and we have adjusted over a thousand homes during the years, coming across almost every imaginable scenario.●We know that adjustments have to be done slowly but precisely to avoid further cracks and loose flooring. ● We make regular visits until the adjustment is completed.● We work to complete the job quickly and efficiently. ● We are true professionals, and we deliver on time.● We never compromise the quality of our work.● We always clean up after providing our services.