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Resolve Seepage Problems

Seepage Problems

Water seepage is one of the most prevalent issues associated with basements. Seepage can lead to many problems that eventually damage your foundation and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Water seepage can also create a breeding ground for mould and mildew, which could be dangerous to you and your family. Basement seepage can be prevented if you know the cause!
Water seepage occurs when water flows into your basement via holes or cracks in your home's foundation. Seepage usually occurs after heavy rainfall or during the spring when the snow is melting. Water levels in the ground rise and create pressure against your home's foundation. The pressure forces water into your home through the smallest cracks in the floor and walls of your basement.
When it comes to water seepage, it is essential to fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid severe damage. You should never try to perform these repairs on your own. Contact Rigid Foundation Repair, and we can help you avoid costly repairs that result from DIY projects. Our certified technicians will thoroughly examine your foundation to determine precisely where the water made its way into your basement. We then determine the best method and technologies to resolve the seepage issues permanently.

Basement Seepage