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House Levelling Services We Provide

To some extent, all house foundations settle into the soil, even brand new homes. As long as the settling is uniform, there is no need to worry. The bigger problem is differential settling. Differential settling is when the house is settling, but not evenly. In other words, different parts of the house are settling at different rates. This stresses the foundation and will result in uneven floors and cracks in the walls, floors, ceilings, and windows out of plumb.
Dry and hot conditions can cause the soil under your home to shrink, while wet conditions can cause it to expand. Either way, the movement of the soil under your home is what eventually causes a foundation to crack or settle.

There are various ways to lift, level or stabilize a house, including underpinning, wall bracing, telepost adjustments, or screw piles to repair bowing walls and foundation cracks. The method we use will depend on the type of foundation and the type of problem the structure is experiencing. 

Regina House Leveling can provide you with expert foundation repair and house levelling services that will permanently lift and stabilize your home. Don’t let your biggest investment lose value because of some structural damage. Contact Regina House Leveling and have one of our skilled team members come out and inspect your home to determine the best method to make it level again!

House supported during Lifting process