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Screw Pile Services

Screw Pile Services Regina

Screw piles are sometimes referred to as screw piers, screw anchors, helical piles, helical piers, or steel screw-in piling. They are are ground anchoring systems used for building deep foundations. Screw piles are typically manufactured from high-strength steel using varying sizes of tubular hollow sections for the pile or anchors shaft.

Screw piles have been used to support structures since the 1800s. Screw piles are installed by twisting them into the ground to the proper that will allow them to support the structure above. Installation usually extends to just below the frost line. Depending on the soil conditions, they can sometimes go hundreds of feet into the ground. Screw piles can be used in most types of ground, but sometimes pre-drilling is required, which may add to the cost.

Screw piles can be installed within a day, and building or lifting can commence that same day if desired. Concrete piles need curing time, giving screw piles an advantage. Screw piles also have minor ground disturbance making them ideal for underpinning structures, grain bin anchors, new construction on houses, decks additions, retaining walls and more!

Collection of Screw Piles

Factors That Need To Be Counted For Screw Pile Services

The number of screws piles, the position of the shaft, their diameters and the ground conditions need to be considered before installation. Some other things to be considered are:

● The design life of the building needs to be taken into account before considering this type of repair.
● Environmental factors such as corrosion-causing elements need to be considered.
● There are some geotechnical concerns to think about.
● Most importantly, the load of the building needs to be factored in.

Benefits Of Screw Piling

There are many uses and installation practices for screw piles. We've outlined some of the system's requirements and the benefits of working with us.
● Installing screw piles instead of concrete piles will save you time and money.● No curing time is required.● It makes a small environmental footprint, as they are restricted to a small area.● Screw piles do not require excavation holes.● Smaller equipment helps cut down on additional costs when removing and replacing structures that could be in the way when larger equipment is used.● They can be installed any time of the year.

What Do We Offer?

Regina House Leveling offers structural foundation repair techniques in southern Saskatchewan. We deal with:
● Bored Piers● Excavation sites● Welding related services● Screw Pile services and their associated jobs● Slab preparation● Grade beams
Why Regina House Leveling?It is straightforward. We deliver on time and provide you with quality services. We are locals, and we know Regina in and out. We use environment-friendly methods to lift and level homes and clean up the area after work is completed. Contact us to find out more.

Who Do We Help?

Regina House Leveling is a well-known and reliable name in Saskatchewan for screw piling services. Our team has years of experience and the necessary certifications to do the job right. We have encountered hundreds of different scenarios over the years. We have found diverse methods to rectify different problems, making us professionals in the field. We offer services to:
● All of southern Saskatchewan● General contractors● Residential● Commercial
What Kind Of Helices Do We Use?We provide a large variety of pilings depending on the needs of the structure and the application. Most of our piles are stocked in Regina at our compound and available the same day.

Stack of Screw Piles