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Encapsulating Crawl Spaces

Encapsulate Crawl Space

Encapsulating a crawl space is the process of installing a heavy-duty moisture barrier to the floor of your crawl space, sealing foundation vents, insulating walls, and adding a dehumidifier. Crawl space encapsulation is most successful when the crawl space is sealed completely.
Encapsulating a crawl space traps vapour from the soil, musty smells, small critters and dampness under a moisture barrier. It also helps keep the radon gas levels down. We remove loose debris in the crawl space area to install the moisture barrier and install a permalon product or equivalent with a minimum of 20 mils or greater if needed. We then attach the perimeter to the foundation and seal all overlaps and edges with caulking and tar tape where necessary.
When having your crawl space encapsulated, it is also an excellent time to check if your teleposts need to be adjusted and test the radon gas levels. If radon levels are high and need a mitigation system installed, we can install the suction point under the vapour barrier and install the radon fan accordingly. If you have a crawlspace that needs encapsulating, give Rigid Foundation Repair a call.